Japanese Red Lacquer Negoro Hibachi with Rabbits

c. 1850
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W: 23.0" D: 21.0" H: 11.5"
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With monumental scale and beautiful, hand-carved details, this remarkable red lacquer hibachi is a true work of art. Designed to hold glowing embers, hibachi vessels such as this were used for cooking or as a source of heat in Japanese homes. Placed under a low wood kotatsu table with an open slat top, the hibachi functioned as a grill and created a cozy gathering place for the family.

This grand, 19th-century hibachi has a large wooden body finished with layers of black and red lacquer in the style of Negoro lacquerware. The exterior is carved in relief with two leaping rabbits, symbols of luck, cleverness, and personal advancement. A copper-plated liner protects the hibachi from its fiery contents, along with an iron grate in the form of a double gourd, a symbol of health and longevity. On each side of the vessel hangs an elegant bronze drop handle inlaid with delicate chrysanthemums and trailing vines.

The gorgeous red lacquer exterior has aged beautifully from centuries of use and boasts a rich patina that calls to be touched. A beautiful example of Japanese lacquer (urushi), this classic hibachi comes to us from the private collection of renowned film critic Gene Siskel. We love it as a statement centerpiece or a jardinière for orchids and lush greenery.

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