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Cypress, Reed Southern China, China W: 73.0" D: 21.0" H: 19.5"
Woven Top Summer Bed
Northern Elmwood, Reed China W: 90.0" D: 48.5" H: 19.0"
Woven Top Daybed
Pigment, Northern Elmwood, Fabric Northern China, China W: 95.0" D: 67.0" H: 89.5"
Ornate Canopy Bed
Hide, Ironwood, Fabric Shanghai, China W: 63.25" D: 37.0" H: 34.0"
Deco Sofa
Rosewood , Fabric Shanghai, China W: 68.0" D: 30.0" H: 33.5"
Deco Sofa
Northern Elmwood Shanxi, China W: 82.0" D: 39.0" H: 34.5"
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Luohan Bed with Stepped Railing
Northern Elmwood, Reed Shanxi, China W: 98.5" D: 53.0" H: 21.25"
Platform Daybed with Ruyi Feet
Bamboo Southern China, China W: 89.0" D: 45.0" H: 25.5"
Bent Bamboo Daybed
Northern Elmwood, Bamboo, Lacquer Shanxi, China W: 76.5" D: 30.25" H: 19.75"
Provincial Low Kang Table
Northern Elmwood Northern China, China W: 81.0" D: 39.0" H: 18.0"
Low Elm Daybed
Northern Elmwood, Reed Shanxi, China W: 80.0" D: 34.25" H: 19.75"
Low Kang Table with Woven Top
Northern Elmwood, Rattan Shandong, China W: 89.5" D: 54.0" H: 90.0"
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Woven Top Canopy Bed

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