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Jim Rose

PAGODA RED has partnered with artist Jim Rose on a furniture collection in steel that evokes the refined simplicity of the Ming-dynasty literati. Each handmade piece in the collection can be made to order by the artist in a variety of sizes.

For information on lead times and pricing, please call 888-878-8628.

Steel United States W: 74.0" D: 16.5" H: 34.5"
Steel United States W: 30.0" D: 15.0" H: 31.0"
Steel United States W: 50.0" D: 14.0" H: 36.0"
Steel United States W: 96.0" D: 19.5" H: 31.25"
Steel United States W: 52.0" D: 18.0" H: 36.25"
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Steel United States W: 60.5" D: 16.25" H: 35.0"

Ming Minimalism

The Ming period (1368-1644) strongly influenced modern minimalism. The Ming aesthetic is simple and austere with a focus on functional design and quality over quantity. 

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