For 20+ years, our team has been practicing the art of mounting & display

We work with collectors, institutions and individuals to create unique, custom art mounts. The right mount frames and elevates an object. Whether a hat, a collection of ancient charms or a personal heirloom, mounted objects bring interest and soul to bookshelves, coffee tables and any surface that requires a lift. A beloved resource for designers and architects, we make display a delight. 

1. E-mail or send us photographs of your objects
2. Michael, our expert in custom mounting, will advise on possible materials and mounts
3. Choose from bronze, brass, steel, wood or lucite in a full range of finishes
4. We'll send you an estimate that includes schedules and shipping
5. Ship or deliver your object to us
6. Our artisans will create your custom display solution
7. We'll deliver the object and its new display to you


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