Zhenzhu Meditation Stone Table

$6,880 USD SOLD
W: 51.5" D: 32.0" H: 16.0"
Reclaimed Wood
Conglomerate Stone
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This one-of-a-kind coffee table is topped with an expansive stone slab formed of zhenzhu stone, a conglomerate limestone extracted from Lake Tai in Jiangsu province. Speckled with almost painterly daubs of color, the sought-after stone has been prized by scholar-artists for centuries, earning a favored place within the scholars' studio as a calligraphy surface or scholars' rock.

This fantastic zhenzhu slab is elevated by a custom base of four reclaimed wood spheres for use as a low coffee table. A hole drilled into the stone has been filled with a removable wooden plug, custom-made to match the wood sphere base. Showcasing the rich textures of its natural materials, the stone top table exemplifies organic modern style with clean lines and balanced form.

Additional Dimensions:
Stone Slab: 3"H
Spheres: approx 10.5"D x 12.5"H

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