Maya Polychrome Copador Bowl

c. 600-900 AD
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H: 2.5" Dia: 7.0"
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Exhibiting a rich patina, this petite Maya ceramic bowl dating back to c. 600-900 AD was crafted in the El Copador style. The El Copador style is a polychrome ceramic style often made in a cylindrical shape characterized by black and red decorations. These works were found primarily at archaeological sites in modern day western El Salvador.

Hand built of stoneware ceramic and clay slip, this shallow bowl features a stable round base with curved sides that meet at a flared rim. The interior of this elegant Copador bowl features a procession of turkeys in red and black, a vital staple of the Maya diet and symbol of good fortune. The top interior is bordered by black and red bands and begins to fade closer to the base. Though some of the ceramic has lost its coloring, the base maintains a red circular crest divided into quadrants. The same pattern of turkeys line the exterior of the bowl, beautifully preserved even after years of use.

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