Pair of Blue and White Lotus Shoes

20th Century
W: 2.5" D: 4.5" H: 2.5"
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These dainty porcelain slippers are shaped to resemble a lotus bud and recreate the pointed silk shoes that enhanced the diminutive shape of bound feet. The porcelain lotus slippers are glazed with a blue-and-white design of guardian fu lions playing with a silk brocade ball, a motif for high rank and power. The little shoes are further embellished with delicate brass trims and cast charms of sinuous dragons.

A practice that began in the Tang dynasty and reached the height of its popularity in the Qing dynasty, foot binding was a painful process intended to make a woman's feet as small as possible by restricting bone growth from an early age. The smaller the feet, the more attractive and erotic they were, giving elite women a mark of elegance.

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Blue & White Porcelain

Soon after its development in the Yuan dynasty (1271–1368 AD), blue-and-white underglaze porcelain became a favorite of the imperial court. Its broad appeal rapidly extended beyond China’s borders, becoming a lucrative export commodity highly sought after in Europe, the Middle East, and beyond.

Using cobalt imported from Western Asia, ceramic artists ground the mineral into a vibrant blue pigment that was then painted directly on a porcelain base, coated with clear glaze, and fired. This underglaze technique brought with it a shift in focus from the overall shape of a vessel to the skill and artistry traceable in its painted decoration.

Transcending time and taste, blue-and-white porcelain continues to be appreciated around the world for the intricate brushwork and brilliant blue color.

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