Japanese Inlaid Paulownia Tabako-Bon

c. 1930
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H: 3.25" Dia: 6.25"
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This wooden vessel is a Japanese tabako-bon, or 'tobacco tray,' used in tandem with a smoking pipe. Believed to have evolved from the traditional accessories of Japanese incense ceremony, tabako-bons first came into use in the 17th century and were often beautifully decorated to display one's wealth and status.

This example dates to the early 20th century and is comprised of a single cross section of paulownia wood (kiri). Metal inlay shaped as cherry blossoms, maple leaves, and a floating duck decorate the top and sides, with added detail applied with red lacquer and gilding. The copper dish set into the top is a small hibachi (hi-ire) and held lit coals used to light one's pipe. The second, smaller dish holds a length of bamboo, used as a receptacle for ash and waste. This wooden tabako-bon has gained a wonderful patina over time and lives on as a charming keepsake of the past.

Additional Dimensions:
With Handles Upright: 6.25"H
Hibachi Interior: 3.25"Dia x 2"H

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