Tibetan Nomad's Trunk Table

c. 1800
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W: 35.0" D: 19.0" H: 19.0"
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This antique traveler's chest from Tibet or Mongolia is one of the most unique trunks we've come across in our 20 years of collecting. Dated to the 19th century or earlier, the wooden trunk is enclosed by a lacquered hide sheath that folds across the opening to securely protect its contents while traveling. Thin hide straps on the bottom portion looped through round eyelets on the top cover, holding the sheath in place.

The lacquered hide is decorated with animals and floral motifs, referencing the unconscious realm. The hand-painting has a subtly raised texture in a subdued palette of red, green, and yellow pigments. With storied history and incredible depth of character, this one-of-a-kind trunk lives on as a fantastic collector's item. We've elevated the trunk on a custom steel mount for use as a coffee, cocktail or side table.

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