Famille Rose Sanxing Tea Leaf Jar

c. 1900
H: 7.0" Dia: 5.5"
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This porcelain jar is decorated in a style of overglaze enameling known as "famille rose." Sometimes referred to as "yangcai" or "foreign colors," the famille rose style emerged during the 18th century and employs a pastel palette of opaque overglaze enamels that favors roses and pinks.

Used to store loose leaf tea, this cylindrical jar is painted with the Sānxīng (三星), the Three Star Gods of health, wealth, and longevity. Known respectively as Fú Lù Shòu (福祿壽), the three figures are folk deities that embody prominent star constellations and offer blessings for a good life. The gods are pictured right to left, gathered in a courtyard setting and surrounded by attendants. The lid is painted with two scholars seated in a naturalistic setting, playing the ancient strategy game of Go while drinking tea. Brightly colored with pinks, blues, and greens, this small jar is a charming combination of Chinese export methods and folk art motifs.

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