Double Gourd Meditation Stone Table

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W: 52.0" D: 28.0" H: 15.0"
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This low, stone top table exemplifies Organic Modern style with an emphasis on natural materials. The organic shape and irregular patterning of the stone slab top evokes the complexities of nature, reminiscent of a wintery snowfield or a sun-bleached seashell. Currents of green, pink and black mineral inclusions flow through the marbled white and grey stone, enlivening the neutral field with soft color. Unearthed in Jiangsu province, the stone slab has been polished to accentuate its smooth, mottled surface and is elevated by a custom base of three reclaimed wood spheres for use as a low coffee table.

Crafted by a local Chicago artisan, the spherical legs are composed of solid black walnut, each carefully sculpted to preserve the knots and burls within the wood. Each of the wooden legs has been hand-turned to a unique shape, two of oblong form and one of a stacked, double gourd design. Some areas of surface bark have been preserved, resulting in intricate patterning reminiscent of layered stone strata or full peony blossoms.

Additional Dimensions:
Diameter of Sphere: 13"
Diameter of Sphere: 12.5"
Diameter of Double Gourd: 11.5"

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